“I try to create my own unconventional planet” – Albin Talik

"I try to create my own unconventional planet" - Albin Talik

Albin Talik creates beautiful artworks by cutting paper

Your paintings own a very distinctive and fascinating look. How do you do that? Could you descripe how you work?

Thank You. First of all my „paintings” are made of paper. I call them paintings but they are simply collages. I just cut paper. I know it sounds silly but it’s the truth. I work usually like this: I draw something I like, depends on topic of course. Sometimes I use ideas from my head (my series Pyramids and Ruminations) and sometimes I use photos. When the drawing is finished I begin to fill the background. I love this part. I try to make the transition from dark to light. Background really affects the atmosphere of the picture and then I choose other colors. I have sorted colors, hundreds of bags with different pages. Then I fill the rest of the image. I intend to stick to the rules as in the real painting. I’m trying to forge a stroke of the brush. I put a lot of attention on light.

“I try to create my own unconventional planet”

What does this fragmentary and tattered aspect of your painting-style mean to you?

It’s just my world. I try to create my own unconventional planet. My style is time-consuming. It’s a slow process but somehow magical. I can called it a therapy for my soul. So it means a lot.

The characters of your Paintings often wear masks. Is there a reason why?

Yes. I think we all wear a mask. Maybe with the exception of children. In our lives we have many limitations and we can not always be 100% ourselves. Situations force us to wear a mask. How many times in your life did you do something against yourself? In my paintings, mainly in the Ruminations series, the heroes wear masks. They are a symbol of thought. Mostly bad and stressful. If you get close to them, you’ll see the dynamics in them. This is a rush of thought. I try to answer the question: What does it mean to be yourself? When do we really feel our interior? Sometimes I feel I have no control over my body and mind. This causes anxiety. Both rumination and worry are associated with anxiety and other negative emotional states. But do not get me wrong. My images do not carry a negative message. There is always a way out of a difficult situation. I believe it.

Albin Talik: “I strive for excellence but I think it is unattainable”

Primary you wanted to become a rockstar. Why did you switch to visual arts?

I started my adventure with painting because I thought it would enrich my soul. And that is my approach to music. And that’s what happened. I never felt good musician and never felt good painter. I strive for excellence but I think it is unattainable. You know painting is a lonely process. At least for me. You are your own boss. You spend many hours alone in the studio. You transfer your thoughts, your imagination, and other things to your canvas. But you do it in solitude. The funny thing is that after 7 years of adventure with painting I returned to playing music. Being in a band is something completely different. You spend more time with people. For me it’s something new and interesting. I know that sounds weird but it is. Back to playing music is a wonderful thing. I am just in the process of recording a CD. My band is called Call of Cuckoo.

Do you listen to music while painting, and if yes, what kind of music? Does it affect your paintings?

Of course. Music is part of these images. I do not have a favorite genre of music, but I like very sad songs. My favorite band is probably City and Color from Canada. There is something magic in this band. I think music has a huge impact on visual arts. They are connected.

Besides people and figures your painting also show cities and streets of houses. Does your homeland poland inspire you? And what relation do you have with poland?

You know, I live in a beautiful place. This is the very center of the city, but it has some magical atmosphere, tourists are not peeking here, it is peaceful. I go in pajamas to buy morning rolls, to the bakery.Very often I walk around my neighborhood with the camera. I look at different places, I go to the roofs. Some time ago I started to do landscapes because I wanted to show this magical place. I see the world in color and I want to give it back in my paintings. My country inspires me as much as possible. The city in which I live, Krakow, is an artistic city. This place lived and created artists such as Matejko, Kantor, Wyspianski, Weiss, Mehoffer … You can feel the spirit.

Albin Talik
Albin Talik was born in 1980 in Poland. He lives and works in Cracow.
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/albintalikart
DeviantArt:  http://albintalik.deviantart.com
Listal:  http://www.listal.com/list/albin-talik-art
Art Limited:  http://www.artlimited.net/31298

Albin Talik
Albin Talik

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